On October 10th, World Mental Health Day, Dr. Ashique Selim from PHWC conducted a session for World Bank during the screening of the film ‘Agnst’ which was about anxiety disorders, the related symptoms and how easily it can be treated. Working in a corporate environment can be quite difficult at times to cope with one’s anxieties which may it be triggered by personal or professional reasons. Some psychical symptoms of anxiety can be so crippling that it can hinder our day to day activities.

In his session Dr. Selim not only elaborates on anxiety but had an open dialogue with the audience to discuss any and all mental health related issues people face everyday, overcoming the stigmas associated with them and lastly ways we can advocate and keep mental heath issues in mind regardless of how busy our professional lives keep us. #worldsmentalhealthday #anxiety #angst #worldbank #stigma @ World Bank, Bangladesh office