About Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic

PHWC seeks to provide the highest levels of service, geared towards effective care and ensuring availability of supportive mental health care throughout Bangladesh. We aim to provide the best resources and knowledge that can help our community understand the values of effective mental health treatment and provide everyone the individual level of attention they deserve.

Our team is supervised by Lead Psychiatrist and Managing Director, Dr. Ashique Selim, and Lead Clinical Counselor, Ms. Nissim Jan Sajid. After having completed his MBBS from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dr. Selim travelled all over the world, accumulating over 12 years of professional working experience from the UK and New Zealand. He moved back to Bangladesh recently with a drive to provide the same quality of mental health services in Bangladesh, as in abroad. Additionally, having been trained from Columbia University, USA, Ms. Sajid brings her extensive experience compiled from working with people with anxiety, depression, traumatic experience, suicidal risk and other mental health conditions–across all age groups–to our company.

Our holistic team of psychiatrists and psychological counselors aim to provide a wide range of services with various rates, from psychiatric assessment and psychological counselling/ therapy, to lifestyle modification through group wellness activities. Our team of qualified professional staff have multicultural clinical experience and carry a high regard for client ethics, evidence-based practice, as well as continuous professional development.

Apart from clinical counseling, PHWC frequently collaborates with various schools, organizations, NGOs and companies around Bangladesh, to provide resources on preventative measures and support individuals from experiencing mental health concerns in their school/workplace. By designing workshops with educational strategies and hosting events/campaigns to raise awareness, we aim to educate our community in ways to help recognize mental health concerns and guide individuals to find appropriate support within our community.