On October 12th, Brac University held a roundtable discussion promoting Mental Health of Young Adults: Role of Mental Health Professionals and Academic Institutions. The discussion included panelists’ thoughts, personal experiences and ideas of future collaboration.

Our lead psychiatrist, Dr. Ashique Selim was one of the participants in the discussion. Dr. Selim elaborated that we need to approach the issue of youth mental health as an interagency collaboration. He explained that we first need to collect a substantial amount of data about the youth of Bangladesh over a period of time which can only be done through interagency efforts. In order to see the performance of the youth and what decisions affect their lives we need to take a holistic approach instead of just looking at their academic achievements.

Lastly Dr.Selim concluded his talk with drugs and society and how we need to understand the use and misuse of drugs which can only be achieved by having open conversations and raising awareness. #mentalhealthawareness #youthmentalhealth #bracuniversity #youth