Please read the following information regarding the administration of the care that you will receive from our service.

Telephone contact:

  • If you need to contact PHWC for any reason, i.e bookings or messages for therapists then please contact reception on 09609013000.

Initial assessments:

  • At your first visit we try to arrange for you to see 2 professionals, preferably a doctor and a counselor to ensure that you receive a comprehensive assessment.
  • However on some occasions this may not be possible.
  • Initial assessments are booked for 2 hours, but we usually try and finish within 90 minutes.
  • Your clinician will first contact you regarding your initial session.

Follow-up sessions:

  • These are usually with one therapist or doctor
  • Sessions are booked for 1 hour, but the session time is 50 minutes.
  • Follow up sessions are also made by your counselors, but if you have the need to see your counselor sooner you can book a session in by contacting them directly.

Text message:

  • As a courtesy, we try to send a reminder text message the day prior to an appointment.
  • However at times we are unable to do this.
  • Please be aware that NOT receiving a message does not mean that you do not have an appointment. If not certain, then please give us a call to clarify.